System for remote monitoring of instruments at ICU

VentConnect is a new telemedicine application, which enables remote monitoring of lung ventilators and vital functions monitors. The remote access simplifies communication between experts in ventilation and clinicians who provide healthcare at the patient's bed.
Thanks to the remote access from a phone or laptop, VentConnect allows for more frequent checks and updates of ventilation parameters, resulting in better healthcare. The same system can be adapted for use with other instruments and consultation of its settings.
VentConnect has a vast potential to help during the Covid-19 pandemic and after when a standard operation of ICUs is restored.

The most important features

Remote access

It is possible to monitor all instruments without entrance to the infectious zone. You can see the screen of a ventilator or vital signs monitor directly on your laptop or smartphone. This results in more frequent 'visits' and higher quality healthcare.

Record history

Application stores short recordings of the instruments' screen and shows the history to the users. Clinicians can make more accurate diagnoses and judge the change in time. By default, the application stores 10s videos every 15 minutes.


Patient data are strictly anonymized. The system works in a dedicated network, separate from the internal network of the hospital.

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